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Peer-reviewed literature is the foundation of research for new treatment modalities for disease, and you can also refer separately to the phd dissertation on the topic of some written work.  This literature is an invaluable resource for caregivers and those just diagnosed with a disease or condition.  These articles are not, however, written for a general public level of understanding. The research results published in scientific scholarly journals does not signify an appropriate or approved treatment option for a patient or caregiver.


patientACCESS is intended for the personal use of patients and their caregivers only.  Scholarly research papers available to you on patientACCESS are copyrighted material and must be used in accordance with all US copyright laws, you can read about the research in Empowering Patients: Bridging the Gap between Scholarly Research and Healthcare Professionals with patientACCESS.  By accepting the terms and conditions of this service, and continuing to access this site, you agree to refrain from the following without the express, written permission of the copyright owner: